Melt Vase Gold Brown

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Handcrafted for you. Ships from Finland in 8-10 Weeks.

Height: S/23-25cm, M/12cm, L/27cm, XL/34cm, XXL/34cm, XXL low/7cm.

Width: S/18-20cm, M/23cm, L/25-27cm, XL/22cm, XXL/29cm, XXL low/29cm.

Depth: S/15cm, M/22cm, L/15cm, XL/19cm, XXL/19cm, M/19cm, XXL low/22cm.

Weight: S/3kg, M/3kg, L/5kg, XL/7kg, XXL/9kg, XXL low/3kg.

Materials: Mouth-blown Glass.

Made in Finland, 2021.

Production Lead Time: 8-10 Weeks.


Sensuality, elegance and the importance of craftsmanship are emphasized in Antrei Hartikainen's work, which constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorizations between functional objects and visual arts.

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